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Popular Jokes in Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Destiny MeetingText
A girl and guy meet by fate in a car accident 
Dogs v. Men at Meal TimeText
Why dogs are better companions at dinner time 
Drive Thru ATM instructionsText
Instructions for Male and for Females 
Driver's ComplaintText
A male driver complains about Women Drivers 
Email vs. a PenisText
Top 11 Reasons why Email is like a Penis 
Emergency Room HorrorPicture
This has to suck 
Ernie the HampsterText
A husbands story of his childs pet 
Estrogen IssuesText
Ten ways to know if you have Estrogen Issues 
Female QuotesText
Great quotes by great ladies in history 
Gender SwitchesText
See a box with switches for both Male and Female 
GingerBread ManPicture
So that's why this gingerbread man is smiling 
Girl DriversPicture
Perhaps the stereotype fits better than first thought 
Gotta love the MarinesText
A general is inteviewed by a female reporter 
Gurl and Guy EnglishText
Translation of the gender lexicon for all those perplexed opposite sex people out there 
Guy MemoPicture
Why men shouldn't take important messages 
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