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Part of Main ImageBattle of the Sexes 
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Popular Jokes in Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Prayer of the SexesText
The Lord's Prayer by Men and Women 
Prayers of the SexesText
A girl and guy pray to the Lord for that special someone 
Pregnancy Q & AText
Funny answers to Pregnacy Questions 
Proof that Girls are EvilPicture
Math solves all of lifes puzzles! 
Reindeer DistractionPicture
Maybe some blinders will help Rudolf keep his eyes on the road 
Religious BrasText
What Religion is your Bra? 
Scary Licence PlatePicture
Would you pass a car with a licence plate like this? 
Sexist Wishing WellPicture
What happens when women make wishes about household chores 
Single Male AdPicture
I doubt anyone will respond 
Soaps and SportsText
A male-female translation for our favourite TV shows 
Spot the Odd OnePicture
Can you spot which guy doesn't belong? 
Stages of LifeText
Different stages for Men and Women 
The Blonde BrainPicture
Scientists have mapped the Female Blond Brain 
The Fictional EdenText
A fictional story about Eve and Adam 
Threatening a monkeyPicture
This guy has taken a Monkey hostage for his demands 
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