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Part of Main ImageBattle of the Sexes 
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Popular Jokes in Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Three Wise WomenPicture
What if the Maji were Female? 
Toilet MishapPicture
The dangers of being a male and being toilet trained 
Toilet Stall SignPicture
I guess the guys who use this washroom are a bit messy 
Un-Sexiest Man CalendarPicture
The top 12 Models for the ugliest men in the World 
Uneven SuntanPicture
Ever had an Uneven Suntan? 
Viagra SlogansText
Slogans to capture the essence of the Miracle drug 
Waiting for the Perfect ManPicture
What happens to women who wait for the perfect man 
Want and RealityPicture
What Women want, and what is looking for them 
When Men make the Rules...Text
12 Simple rules that all men would like to have 
Why God created EveText
Top 10 Reasons why Eve was created 
Why Men die quickerPicture
4 Reasons why women outlive men 
Why Women are So Bright!Text
Reasons why Women are smarter 
Will Never Say...Text
Phrases that Men and Women will never mutter 
Winter Class for MenText
14 sessions to improve the male species. Class size is limited. 
Some mysteries and wonders about females 
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