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Mencken's LawsText
Some humourous observances with a dash of truth 62.6666666666667%
Hollywood 2037Picture
What Hollywood stars will look like in the future 62.6666666666667%
The 1990sText
Signs That You have Had Too Much Of The 1990s 62.6086956521739%
Single Male AdPicture
I doubt anyone will respond 62.5806451612903%
Help from PrisonText
A son helps his father from prison 62.5531914893617%
Office MisquotesText
Top 10 things said in the office that sound dirty 62.5%
Rabbit Easter EggsPicture
Just like Cadburys 62.4418604651163%
PMS DefinitionsText
Top 13 Things that PMS Stands For 62.4%
Helping HandPicture
A teammate lends a hand 62.3880597014925%
Pet Security (1 Mb)Movie
A Dog and Cat are left alone when burgars break into their owner's house 62.3684210526316%
Thoughts about LifeText
A few thoughts about the things in our lives 62.3611111111111%
Moving the CarText
A couple from Fargo need to move their car for the snow plows 62.3529411764706%
Talking FrogText
An older gentleman finds a talking frog who offers happiness and pleasures 62.34375%
Male /Female DictionaryText
These Definitions will help us understand the sexes better 62.3333333333333%
Home RemediesText
Some 'useful' tips to help you with problems around the house 62.3333333333333%
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