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Cockpit ViewPicture
See where airline pilots have their eyes 61.6666666666667%
Hypnotist's BlunderText
The hynotist has some problems with his watch 61.6666666666667%
Vacuum SalesmanText
An Elderly women has an encounter with a pushy salesman 61.6666666666667%
George Bush shows his geography skills 61.6216216216216%
Fictional BillboardsPicture
Billboards you will never see while driving down the highway 61.5957446808511%
Oil ShortageText
Getting to the bottom of oil shortages and high gas prices 61.5740740740741%
Hard TimesPicture
You know you've fallen on hard times when you are re-using things over and over again to save money 61.5294117647059%
Signs of Single-nessText
A drunk points out the obvious sign of single-ness 61.5189873417722%
Sex Education ConventionText
A man meets a sex education teacher en route to Chicago 61.4925373134328%
Fruitcake RecipeText
A recipe for everyones favourite holiday snake 61.4814814814815%
Womens RulesText
Laws that women should follow 61.4814814814815%
Our ResignationText
What happens when the office won the Lottery 61.4285714285714%
Sars EffectPicture
The hazards of avoiding SARS 61.4285714285714%
No Pets Allowed (2 Mb)Movie
A guy wants a beer, but no pets are allowed in the bar 61.4084507042254%
Windows for ScotsPicture
Awk lass, you'lllll got'ta see this 61.3953488372093%
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