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Alien Song (3 Mb)Movie
Rendition of the song - I will survive 
Asking for Directions (2.5 Mb)Movie
Approaching people on the streets for directions may be lethal 
Bee Bothering (2mb)Movie
Why is this bee bothering this lovely lady 
Beer Delays Death (3.5 Mb)Movie
Why does this guy keep surviving all these things 
Cat TapeMovie
A weird japanese commercial about how to make you cat walk weird ways with tape 
Chimp Smells(500Kb)Movie
A curious little chimp finds out about some interesting smells 
Cow TroublesMovie
This cow finds out that it is not as easy as it looks 
Doughboy TickleMovie
Don't tickle the Pillsbury Doughboy too much... He might crap his pants 
Driving Fun (3 Mb)Movie
Something fun to do while driving out in the Country 
Ed is Back (4 Mb)Movie
A movie about Ed Broadbent coming back to the NDP Political Party (Canadian) 
Eskimo Diets (2.5 Mb)Movie
Why the Inuit diet is so tasty 
Funny Cats (3 Mb)Movie
Hillarious Video of different things that cats have done 
Ghostly VW ad (3.5 Mb)Movie
An advertisement that never got aired because of something eerie in the film 
Having a Bad Day (426kb)Movie
This guy is having a tough day with his computer 
Helpful Fan (2.5 Mb)Movie
A young fan helps a soccer player win the game 
Jurrasic Fart (1Mb)Movie
How the Dinosaurs really became Ex-stink 
Krung Thai Murder (3mb)Movie
A wife comes home to a gruesome scene 
Made for Canada (2.5 Mb)Movie
Jeep Commercial for a car made perfectly for Canadian Winters 
Mens Room Help (650kb)Movie
Maybe guys should start going to the washroom in pairs 
National Slap Co-worker Day (500Kb)Movie
Promo video for National Slap your Co-worker Day 
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