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Gas PricesPicture
Think the prices of gas are high? Views: 45793
Maxine... on LifePicture
Various Maxine comics strips on marriage, eating, friends and life Views: 35580
Osama's trying to meet people online. Check out his bio Views: 32473
Canadian ValueText
We Canadians try to help Views: 31377
Airplane-Safe BuildingsPicture
In a perfect world, buildings could resist airplanes Views: 31245
Dr. Evil Bin LadenPicture
I will give myself up for one million dollars Views: 31088
Bin Laden HighPicture
Take off of I got High song Views: 30667
NYC - Taliban StylePicture
What New York City might look like if the Taliban wins Views: 29879
Laden's Hiding PlacePicture
Intelligence has found Bin Laden hideout Views: 29108
Terrorist Training SchoolPicture
A class you don't want to miss Views: 27738
Ben Laden Lately?Picture
Wrong Spelling. Right Meaning. Views: 27286
Osama Bean LandenPicture
Americas Public Enemy Number One Views: 26829
Gas Price CartoonsPicture
More comics about high gas prices Views: 26793
Osama, come and playPicture
Why won't he come out of his cave and play Views: 26551
Osama Bin ShavenPicture
What happens if we shave his beard Views: 26507
Sweating TerroristsPicture
Deoderant for Terrorists Views: 25896
New Movie PostersPicture
New Movies made after World Trade Disaster Views: 25752
World Trade HeroPicture
We could have used him on September 11, 2001 Views: 25746
Osama's Cave MemoText
Osama sends a Memo to his staff Views: 24956
GM vs. MicrosoftText
What happens if GM and Microsoft switch jobs Views: 23274
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