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Popular Jokes in Christmas


Grinch TestText
A quick test to see if you're a Grinch at Christmas time Feb 11/2006
Christmas TurkeyText
A mother plays a little prank on her daughter Jan 13/2006
Visit from SantaPicture
Perhaps Santa should have knocked first before coming down the chimney Jan 08/2006
Under the MistletoePicture
A dog, cat and a Christmas kissing tradition Jan 08/2006
Christmas AttorneyPicture
Christmas used to be about the gifts and presents... now it is all legalities Jan 12/2005
Doggy ChristmasPicture
A glimpse inside a dog's house at Christmas time Dec 25/2004
Melting SnowmanPicture
Takes alot of Yellow snow to make this happen Dec 21/2004
Christmas Eve IntruderPicture
Darn Americans - someone invades their house and it'ss shoot first, explain later Dec 21/2004
Christmas Eve FlatPicture
Santa gets a flat on Christmas Eve -- the one night when he's in a rush Dec 21/2004
Save Money at ChristmasPicture
Perhaps a good way to save some money at Christmas Dec 21/2004
Christmas in the North Text
Desperate to get away from everyone, Tom moves up north for some peace and quiet Dec 19/2004
Snow Globe (200k)Flash
A little fun with a snow globe -- who has time to make up these things Mar 28/2004
Elves LotteryPicture
What the elves did after they won the lottery Dec 08/2003
Timmys New BikePicture
How Timmy got his new bike from Santa Claus Dec 08/2003
Blind SnowmanPicture
A blind school enjoys a fun day in the snow and builds a snowman Dec 08/2003
Santa UnpluggedPicture
Little Timmy finds out what the real Santa is like Dec 08/2003
Who started Christmas?Text
A frustrated mother ponders the whole Christmas holiday and gets a surprising answer Dec 07/2003
Ice Cream Cone ProductionPicture
So that's how Ice Cream Cones are made -- definately explains chocolate! Dec 02/2003
Santas RepliesPicture
Santa must have had a little too much egg nog when he wrote these replies back to kids Nov 28/2003
Santas SecretPicture
Santa has a little fetish that he doesn't want you to know about Dec 12/2002
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