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Popular Jokes starting with A

Jokes Starting with A

A and P truthText
While waiting in a checkout line 
A Baby's MorningPicture
This kid has had a tough morning so far 
A Bridge to HawaiiText
A Genie grants three wishes 
A Canadian TaleText
Yet another Canadian-American story 
A Letter HomeText
A Freshman Sends a Letter Home to His Parents 
A Little Small?Picture
Santa might have a problem with this house 
A Love StoryText
A little steamy story from someone who loves you 
A Male BrainPicture
Shocking Truth about what is in a Mans Mind 
A Mans LifePicture
What a man's life is like before and after marriage 
A Mother and her newlywed daughtersText
A mother helps her daughters adjust to the married life 
A Mutual UnderstandingText
An Iraqi and American Soldier meet in the desert 
A Redneck's LifePicture
Various things that are part of Hic's life 
A Spy Among UsPicture
One of these guys just doesn't belong here 
A True Canadian Hockey FanText
How much do you love Hockey? 
A True FriendText
Tired of those cheesy Friends forwards? 
A womens ageText
The difference between being 8 and 58 
ABCs of FriendshipText
Sappy list of Friendship Qualities 
Abrieviated BibleText
The Bible in 50 Words 
Absolute AdvertisingPicture
A take off of the Vodka advertisements 
Abstainence on Noahs ArkText
No fun on the ark 
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