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Popular Jokes starting with A

Jokes Starting with A

Airplane-Safe BuildingsPicture
In a perfect world, buildings could resist airplanes Views: 54152
AirLine MechanicsText
Two Airline Mechanics Decide to Drink on the Job Views: 43692
Alligator Mating SeasonPicture
A sign warning passers-by about the mating alligators Views: 41378
Amish TerroristPicture
How to spot an Terrorist among the Amish Views: 38724
Alien Song (3 Mb)Movie
Rendition of the song - I will survive Views: 21002
Austrailian Sheep HerderPicture
So that is how they get their animals to market Views: 18794
A Little Small?Picture
Santa might have a problem with this house Views: 16464
A Male BrainPicture
Shocking Truth about what is in a Mans Mind Views: 15206
Are you a Professional?Text
Simple test to find out how professional you are Views: 15200
Absolute AdvertisingPicture
A take off of the Vodka advertisements Views: 14927
A Redneck's LifePicture
Various things that are part of Hic's life Views: 13974
A Mans LifePicture
What a man's life is like before and after marriage Views: 13522
Americas Mini MePicture
Like father, like son Views: 12874
A and P truthText
While waiting in a checkout line Views: 12852
Air AccidentPicture
Santa's has to watch where he's going Views: 12587
Alcoholic WorkersText
Why Companies Should Allow Alcohol in the Workplace Views: 12494
Argument WinningPicture
Graph illustration of a man's chance to win an argument during various stages of a relationship Views: 11896
Answering God's MailText
A Canada Post employee replies to a letter addressed to God Views: 11895
Abstainence on Noahs ArkText
No fun on the ark Views: 11710
Air RudolfPicture
How Rudolf Flies could get Santa in Trouble Views: 11587
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