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Popular Jokes starting with A

Jokes Starting with A

Arthurs QuestionText
A question that King Arthur must answer 67.6190476190476%
American World AtlasText
How America looks at the World 67.0769230769231%
A womens ageText
The difference between being 8 and 58 66.2337662337662%
Answering Machine MessagesText
Various Outgoing messages left on machines 66%
Amish TeenagerText
Top 10 Signs Your Amish Teenager is in Trouble 65.0793650793651%
A Love StoryText
A little steamy story from someone who loves you 64.2253521126761%
Accident AheadPicture
Ever wonder what really caused highway accidents 63.5593220338983%
A Baby's MorningPicture
This kid has had a tough morning so far 61.2345679012346%
Alcohol WarningText
They got cigarette warnings, why no for beer 60.7462686567164%
ABCs of FriendshipText
Sappy list of Friendship Qualities 59.7142857142857%
Americas Mini MePicture
Like father, like son 59.6938775510204%
American Online DisksText
101 Uses for those AOL disks 59.6428571428571%
AirLine MechanicsText
Two Airline Mechanics Decide to Drink on the Job 59.6296296296296%
Alien Song (3 Mb)Movie
Rendition of the song - I will survive 59.5833333333333%
Aussie Snake StoryPicture
Is this guy just a bit stupid? 59.4117647058824%
Angry WifeText
A husband is not in his wife's good books after the weekend 59.2063492063492%
Air AccidentPicture
Santa's has to watch where he's going 59.0769230769231%
Advice about KidsText
Some words of wisdom about raising children 59%
A True Canadian Hockey FanText
How much do you love Hockey? 58.9795918367347%
Abstainence on Noahs ArkText
No fun on the ark 58.4722222222222%
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