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Popular Jokes starting with B

Jokes Starting with B

Bin Laden HighPicture
Take off of I got High song Views: 31371
Ben Laden Lately?Picture
Wrong Spelling. Right Meaning. Views: 27796
Bad Gas or Good Beans?Picture
This guy should probably go see a doctor Views: 23794
Bin Who?Picture
Various affiliates of Osama Bin Laden Views: 23365
Bomb IraqText
Sung to the tune of "If you're happy..." Views: 22095
Beer -- Before and AfterPicture
See what happens to your vision after a few beers Views: 13620
Blind SnowmanPicture
A blind school enjoys a fun day in the snow and builds a snowman Views: 12933
Bush Explains IraqPicture
Bush's speech outlines the reasons for going into Iraq Views: 10826
Bush's BinocularsPicture
Dubya gets a closer view of the battlefield Views: 9515
Biblical CoffeeText
A wife and husband discuss who should make the coffee in the morning Views: 9059
Bad Cereal NamePicture
This is how fights get started at the breakfast table Views: 8905
Big FeetPicture
Is what they say true? Views: 8822
Bee Bothering (2mb)Movie
Why is this bee bothering this lovely lady Views: 8068
Baby PartyingText
Why men should not Babysit Views: 7915
Bedroom Golf RulesText
Rules for Bedroom Golf Views: 7818
Bush's VacationPicture
Perhaps the president didn't cut his fishing trip short for Katrina after all Views: 7744
Bitter DivorceText
Divorce can be hard (or easy) on people Views: 7610
Barbie and KenPicture
Find out what happened in the Heat of the Moment Views: 7320
Blondest Joke of the YearText
So far, the best blonde joke of 2003 Views: 7147
Bad SuicidePicture
A building jumper lands truly head first Views: 6796
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