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Popular Jokes starting with B

Jokes Starting with B

Bad Jeopardy QuestionsText
Bad Questions to Jeopardy type answers 66.0869565217391%
Because of BlondeText
A blonde girl is a quick learner in school 65.9016393442623%
Bill Gates' HellText
Bill dies (yippee) 65.8823529411765%
Bush - the ActorPicture
George W. Bush stars in a few upcoming movie roles 65.8461538461538%
Beer ScootersText
How drunks seem to end up getting home at night 65.6451612903226%
Bird in the SkyPicture
Look up there... It's a bird... 64.8275862068965%
Be careful what you wish forText
A couple is granted each a wish 64.8%
Bad Fortune CookiePicture
A forture you never want to see after eating Chinese Food 63.6%
Bedroom Golf RulesText
Rules for Bedroom Golf 63.1746031746032%
Baby CloningPicture
Is it right to play God? 62.7659574468085%
Bottle of WineText
A young woman and a Navajo woman meet along the side of the road 62.125%
Britney - Before and AfterPicture
I think this photo puts the debate to rest about our young singer 61.3461538461539%
Boys and GirlsPicture
Two kids playing in the Swimming Pool 61.2658227848101%
Better than your KidsPicture
An art critic evaluates little children's art 60.7407407407407%
Bad Team PhotoPicture
A memoriable photo of a junior hockey team 60.5063291139241%
Beer PrayerText
Prayer for those who believe in other 60.3703703703704%
Biblical Wife AcquisitionText
The Top 16 Biblical Ways to Acquire a Wife 60.1086956521739%
Bill Gates Classroom RulesText
Rules given to a classroom about life 60%
Baking Bacon?Picture
Need a little UV protection? 59.8823529411765%
Beer Drinker SoulText
Chicken Soup for the Beer Drinking Soul 59.8591549295775%
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