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Popular Jokes starting with C

Jokes Starting with C

Canadian ValueText
We Canadians try to help Views: 32549
Carpet ChasePicture
How the US Air Force is tracking Osama Bin Laden Views: 23376
Confusious Say...Text
Very wise quotes from Confusious... Views: 16060
Client ParkingPicture
You know what they say about guys with nice cars Views: 11783
Cooking TurkeyText
For beginners, a tried and true method to cook a turkey Views: 11433
Calvin & Hobbes SnowmenPicture
Various comics from Calvin and Hobbes about Snowmen Views: 11312
Canadian ApologyText
A Truly Canadian Apology to the USA... By Rick Mercer Views: 9742
Cat AffairPicture
This cat has to do a better job of hiding the evidence of his affairs Views: 9178
Card for the HusbandPicture
A greeting card for that great guy Views: 9136
Christmas AttorneyPicture
Christmas used to be about the gifts and presents... now it is all legalities Views: 9059
Christmas Eve FlatPicture
Santa gets a flat on Christmas Eve -- the one night when he's in a rush Views: 8991
Computer HicksPicture
Tech Terms for the Hicks Views: 8711
Christmas Eve IntruderPicture
Darn Americans - someone invades their house and it'ss shoot first, explain later Views: 8407
Christmas Office PartyText
A secretary organizes her office's Christmas Party Views: 8176
Corporate CondomsPicture
If condoms had sponsors... Views: 7811
Christmas in the North Text
Desperate to get away from everyone, Tom moves up north for some peace and quiet Views: 7702
Computer One-LinersText
One liners about computers Views: 7283
Comparing Gas PricesText
A comparrison of Gasoline to other products we buy Views: 7282
Christmas Carols for Dysfunctional FamiliesText
Alternative Lyrics for Christmas Carols Views: 7268
Car Safety DevicePicture
A new device that reduces accidents by 45% Views: 7176
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