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Popular Jokes starting with C

Jokes Starting with C

Compensation FormText
A bricklayer explains his Workers Compensation Form 77.4074074074074%
Computer CatPicture
This Kitty is a bit Confused when it comes to Food 71.8279569892473%
College vs. Pre-schoolText
Top 10 Reasons why College is like Pre-school 71.6666666666667%
Humour for the golfer in all of us 70.7317073170732%
Cow LingoText
Say some phrases with cow in front of them 64.7619047619048%
Cyber-sex HotlineText
Actual log of an internet sex conversation (not rude) 64.4827586206897%
Caught in the Act!Picture
This is definately not puppy love 63.7837837837838%
Chicken Horror MoviesPicture
What chickens watch on late night scary TV 63.7142857142857%
Court QuestionsText
Questions and Answers that are from Court Transcript 63.6666666666667%
Cheerful Glow WormPicture
A little thought from a Glow Worm about why he's so happy 63.4210526315789%
Cow TroublesMovie
This cow finds out that it is not as easy as it looks 62.7272727272727%
Christian Pick-up LinesText
Now, all you need is a Christian Bar to try these out. 62%
Cockpit ViewPicture
See where airline pilots have their eyes 61.6666666666667%
Canadian ValueText
We Canadians try to help 61.3953488372093%
Cujos BillPicture
The former leaf goaltender's bill for leaving the team 61.3559322033898%
Christmas Carols for Dysfunctional FamiliesText
Alternative Lyrics for Christmas Carols 61.1111111111111%
Christian Bumper StickersText
Top 10 things people will not say when they see a Christian Bumper Sticker 60.9090909090909%
Corporate CondomsPicture
If condoms had sponsors... 60.8860759493671%
College Bible StudentsText
What if the bible was written by College Students? 60.6153846153846%
Cause of FirePicture
I wonder what caused the fire at this house 60.5%
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