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Popular Jokes starting with D

Jokes Starting with D

Dinner Conversation - Gone WrongText
A husband and wife talk at the dinner table 74.6666666666667%
Daily LivesText
Using the Bible in our everyday lives 71.2%
Dogs and ComputersText
Top Ten Reasons Why your Dog Shouldn�t Use the Computer 69.7619047619048%
Doggie ObediancePicture
An Owner has troubles training his dog 68.6440677966102%
Did he or Didn't he?Picture
I curious boy licks his finger 65.9259259259259%
Doughboy TickleMovie
Don't tickle the Pillsbury Doughboy too much... He might crap his pants 65.6962025316456%
Death to ChainlettersText
The Truth about Chain Letters - A MUST READ! 65.3658536585366%
Doing the LimitText
A elderly lady is pulled over on the highway 64.6428571428571%
Dogs in the SnowPicture
It iss cold even for dogs! 64.5833333333333%
Dr. Evil Bin LadenPicture
I will give myself up for one million dollars 61.7272727272727%
Deep ThoughtsText
Deep Thoughts about life - or are they? 61.4473684210526%
Donald Duck RidePicture
Did they mean to do this when designing this ride 60.9375%
Donald Trumps DogPicture
Doing this hairstyle to a dog is just mean-hearted... funny... but mean-hearted 60.7142857142857%
Doctors, Lawyers, and BikersText
What each of them bought their wives 60.625%
Drunken RednecksText
Two rednecks go for a drive 60.1724137931035%
Doggy ChristmasPicture
A glimpse inside a dog's house at Christmas time 59.5652173913043%
Dedicate Simpson FanPicture
Now that is one house owner seriously addicted to the Simpsons 59.5454545454545%
Dear Diary...Text
An American writes about her move to Canada 59.4845360824742%
Desperate GardenerPicture
This guy is willing to work for anything 59.4736842105263%
Don't drop the NukePicture
Careful with that missile 59.4444444444444%
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