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Popular Jokes starting with E

Jokes Starting with E

Email CompanyPicture
Some companies need verbal communication still 69.7619047619048%
Easiest Quiz in the WorldText
Take this simple little quiz 68.3529411764706%
Emergency PhonePicture
Proof that our Bureaucracy is bad 66.984126984127%
Exhibitionist Snow PeoplePicture
These snow couple have no shame 66.8333333333333%
Ever Wondered aboutText
A few inquires into why things are as they are 66.4102564102564%
Estranged License PlatePicture
The best license plate a divorcee could get for herself 64.8717948717949%
Elderly SpeederText
An older lady gets pulled over for speeding... 64.6031746031746%
To Exercise, or not to Exercise 64.3478260869565%
Egyptian SayingsText
An Analysis of Hyroglyphics 60.5357142857143%
Easter is CancelledPicture
Oh no, something has happened to the Easter Bunny 60.2739726027397%
Ernie the HampsterText
A husbands story of his childs pet 60.1639344262295%
Email SoapboxFlash
A rant about spam and junk e-mail 59.8333333333333%
Election Ballot BoxPicture
Hmm... Does this describe the politician that they are voting for? 59.6428571428571%
Emergency Room HorrorPicture
This has to suck 59.3333333333333%
Effects of ViagraPicture
Drastic Effects from taking too much Viagra 59%
Elderly InvitationalText
A tale from a nursing home 58.7058823529412%
Elderly Couple at McDonaldsText
What love is like after 60 years of marraige 58.2258064516129%
A standardization of European Union Dialect 57.4242424242424%
Early Warning SignPicture
Stop them while they are still young 57.1698113207547%
Elf Pick up LinesText
Pick up lines that Elves use 56.144578313253%
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