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Popular Jokes starting with F

Jokes Starting with F

Osama's trying to meet people online. Check out his bio Views: 33689
Fat ElvisPicture
A Halloween Costume gone bad Views: 11743
Famous QuotesPicture
These people are a bit out in left field Views: 11092
False BillboardsPicture
Billboards you likely won't find along any roadsite Views: 10838
Fuel Prices IIPicture
More comics about rising gas prices Views: 10484
Famous TestiesPicture
Various Peoples Testies Views: 9970
Frodo has FailedPicture
Looks like Frodo didn't complete his quest in Lord of the Rings Views: 9916
Final SolutionPicture
Microsofts Business Practices Views: 9343
Failed Hallmark CardsText
Rejects that just did not make it Views: 8822
Florida BallotPicture
The Infamous Florida Election Ballot Views: 8685
Fuel PricesPicture
Comic about high gas prices Views: 8014
Facts about SantaText
Scientific Facts about Santa. Do not show kids Views: 7410
Fruitcake RecipeText
A recipe for everyones favourite holiday snake Views: 7394
Fire Hazard SignPicture
A sign tells of the dry conditions in a northern British Columbia forest Views: 7054
Fictional BillboardsPicture
Billboards you will never see while driving down the highway Views: 7006
False AdvertisingPicture
You won't see billboards like these Views: 6646
Funny Cats (3 Mb)Movie
Hillarious Video of different things that cats have done Views: 6604
Farming out the WorkText
A farmer visits another farmer to discuss their son and daughters discretions Views: 6107
Family Tech SupportPicture
A son tries to help his parents fix their computer Views: 5846
Ferrari SpottingPicture
A son spots a Ferrari on the road and points it out to his father Views: 5828
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