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Popular Jokes starting with I

Jokes Starting with I

I am Canadian RantText
The true rant about being a canadian 
I am not CanadianText
Variations of Molsons Beer commercial 
I like monkeysText
A story about a pet lover 
I said SOTP!Picture
When I say SOTP, you better SOTP! 
Ice Cream Cone ProductionPicture
So that's how Ice Cream Cones are made -- definately explains chocolate! 
Ice Cube MakerPicture
How Ice Cubes are really made 
ID ten T ErrorText
A computer repair guy fixes a computer and gives the error code 
Identifying DriversText
How to tell where a Car Driver is from 
Ideological ToysText
Beliefs and Thought according to Toys 
Idiots Among UsText
We are Surrounded by Idiots 
Idiots, Idiots, IdiotsText
Proof that the World is full of Idiots 
If Iraq won...Picture
What if Iraq had won the war 
If Obama is Elected PresidentPicture
What would Washington become if Obama gets elected president? 
Igloo BuildingPicture
So thats how they build igloos! 
How to impress the opposite sex 
Increased Work ProductionPicture
Managers are always increasing Employee Productivity with new Ideas to save time 
Inebriated ConversationText
Things that are difficult to pronouce when drunk 
Inept Police ForcePicture
How to tell when your local police force needs more training 
Inspiring Cubicle PostersText
Posters and sayings for your office cell (aka. cubicle) 
Instructions for LifeText
44 little ideas for living a good life 
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