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Popular Jokes starting with I

Jokes Starting with I

Idiots Among UsText
We are Surrounded by Idiots 69.4936708860759%
Ice Cube MakerPicture
How Ice Cubes are really made 66.6666666666667%
Island Help!Picture
You've been around your computer too much when... 66.5384615384615%
Ice Cream Cone ProductionPicture
So that's how Ice Cream Cones are made -- definately explains chocolate! 65.8823529411765%
Insurance ClaimsPicture
Various types of insurance claims that have been filed 65.3623188405797%
Italian DreamPicture
What Italians all dream about 63.469387755102%
Instructions for LifeText
44 little ideas for living a good life 63.3333333333333%
I am Canadian RantText
The true rant about being a canadian 62.1311475409836%
If Obama is Elected PresidentPicture
What would Washington become if Obama gets elected president? 61.2295081967213%
I said SOTP!Picture
When I say SOTP, you better SOTP! 60.2857142857143%
Invitation to DinnerText
A story about a guys invitation to dinner 60%
Irish Jokes - Part IIText
More Jokes about those sober Irish people 59.6969696969697%
Interesting FactsText
Useless, but interesting facts! 59.3333333333333%
Iraqi ResistancePicture
The underground resistance movement in Iraqi is alive and well 59.0476190476191%
Inspiring Cubicle PostersText
Posters and sayings for your office cell (aka. cubicle) 58.3783783783784%
Internet RealitiesPicture
Truths about the Internet and Chatlines 57.5925925925926%
It's a Small WorldPicture
Taken on the ride at Walt Disney World, I'm not sure what these two Koalas are up to 56.8%
It finally happenedPicture
All those things must have happened and come true for this to happen 56.0975609756098%
ID ten T ErrorText
A computer repair guy fixes a computer and gives the error code 55.4022988505747%
Is Santa a WomenText
Reasons why Santa could be a women 55.3846153846154%
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