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Popular Jokes starting with J

Jokes Starting with J

Jurrasic Fart (1Mb)Movie
How the Dinosaurs really became Ex-stink Views: 43481
Jacko AdsPicture
Michael Jackson has some new ads out for tshirts and television programs Views: 16671
Jedi RednecksText
You might be a Jedi Redneck if... Views: 12024
Jerry Sticker ShowPicture
Sad take off of Jerry Springer Views: 10701
Jerk PenguinPicture
Just like humans, some penguins are just jerks Views: 10518
Jackson's TV ShowPicture
Micheal Jackson is the star of a new reality TV show Views: 10497
Japanese WaterparkPicture
Everybody in the Pool! Views: 10466
Johnny's Little StoryText
There's a moral to this story... Views: 8987
Just FredText
A guy who is just named Fred... No last name Views: 8477
Jumping TurtlesText
Why a turtle is jumping from a tree Views: 7687
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