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Popular Jokes starting with K

Jokes Starting with K

Kermit's Visit to DoctorPicture
Kermit the Frog receives some bad news from the Doctor 64.2857142857143%
Kitty RulesText
Rules for Cats to live by 63.6363636363636%
Krung Thai Murder (3mb)Movie
A wife comes home to a gruesome scene 62.9411764705882%
Kids Thoughts about GodText
What kids have said -- and mixed up -- from Sunday school 60.8888888888889%
Kids tell all...Text
Kids answers to questions on dating and relationships 60.3636363636364%
Kitty Road RagePicture
What might happen if cats start to drive 59.5348837209302%
Kitty QuestionPicture
What happens when you have the following things... 57.5%
Killsbury Dough BoyPicture
This guy has an attitude 57.027027027027%
Kenny The RoosterText
This rooster is good at what he does 56.8518518518518%
Kids and MarriageText
Whats kids think about marriage 55.1851851851852%
Kermit's XrayPicture
Kermit visits the Doctor to find out some shocking results 53.2624113475177%
Keeping Your SanityText
19 Ways to releive Stress 53.1395348837209%
Kit-Kat BreakPicture
Have a Break, have a Kit Kat 52.3333333333333%
Kids in ChurchText
Humourous stories of kids attending church 52.2950819672131%
Kids AdviceText
Kids advice to other people 50.7228915662651%
Kids FunPicture
Photos of Curious and Fun Kids 50.15625%
Kitty AwardsPicture
The National Cat Society gives out its lifetime acheivement award 49.8823529411765%
Kids CommentsText
Various comments children have made 46.8918918918919%
Kids and GodText
Funny stories about children's conceptions of our Creator 46.2857142857143%
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