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Popular Jokes starting with M

Jokes Starting with M

Mouse BallsText
Office Memo about Computer Mouses (Mice) 70%
Mickey Rooney's MarriagesText
Quotes from Mickey Rooney on his Relationships 69.6774193548387%
Mathematical HumourText
You have to really be a math genius to understand these 68.4722222222222%
Marry which one?Text
A man gives three women a test to decide which one to marry 67.8260869565217%
Marriage QuotesText
Some sayings and quotes about tying the knot 67.5%
Marriage Quotes IIText
Some more quotes and saying about tying the knot 66.6666666666667%
Marital ProblemsPicture
Just admit you are wrong, and move on 65.3191489361702%
Medical LessonsText
Two important lessons for any pre-med student to learn 65.2777777777778%
Male /Female BrainsPicture
Two pictures outlining differences of the sexes brains 63.7931034482759%
Male /Female DictionaryText
These Definitions will help us understand the sexes better 63.2258064516129%
Mencken's LawsText
Some humourous observances with a dash of truth 62.5806451612903%
Maple Leafs MoviePicture
Disney makes a re-mix of Shrek in honour of the Maple Leafs 62.4489795918367%
Moving the CarText
A couple from Fargo need to move their car for the snow plows 62.3529411764706%
Morals, as told by a child is school 62.0689655172414%
Misc JokesText
Misc Jokes 61.9230769230769%
Maxine... on LifePicture
Various Maxine comics strips on marriage, eating, friends and life 61.5750915750916%
Micheal Jackson's New SurguryPicture
Micheal Jackson's solution to get people to stop looking at his nose job 61.0810810810811%
Melting SnowmanPicture
Takes alot of Yellow snow to make this happen 60.8510638297872%
Mentally UnbalancedPicture
A little quote about you and your friends mental condition 60.4615384615385%
MS Word AssistantPicture
The Paperclip Guy helps out in all sorts of Situations 60.1923076923077%
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