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Popular Jokes starting with N

Jokes Starting with N

Nationality of JesusText
Scholars debate Jesus's Origin 67.1698113207547%
Nissan Pathfinder BillboardPicture
A unique marketing strategy for Nissans Vehicle 65.1388888888889%
Need a pushText
A Drunk has car troubles? 65.1063829787234%
Not My JobPicture
Our Government Roads Department at Work 65%
New State MottosText
A recent contest held in the United States for State Mottos 64.2857142857143%
Non Dictionary WordsText
Ten words that should be in the dictionary 64.2857142857143%
Near Sighted KidPicture
Who Brought The Near Sighted Kid To The Pool? 61.4117647058824%
No Pets Allowed (2 Mb)Movie
A guy wants a beer, but no pets are allowed in the bar 61.4084507042254%
Newspaper AdsPicture
Funny classified ads and headlines from newspapers 60.9375%
New SlippersPicture
A new kind of slippers have come onto the market. Cheap and soft. 60.5714285714286%
Never Give UpPicture
A little encouragement poster for when things aren't going your way 60.1492537313433%
National Condom WeekText
Possible Slogans for National Condom Week 59.8360655737705%
No ParkingPicture
This BMW Driver did not Read the Sign 59.6774193548387%
Newfie LobstersText
Aye, day be catching illegul lobsters 59.1549295774648%
New USA MapPicture
After the 2004 Presidential Election, the boundries were re-drawn 58.2517482517483%
No HospitalsPicture
This town might want to think about getting a hospital 58.1818181818182%
No Halloween CandyPicture
How you know when you aren't getting candy at a house 58.1730769230769%
New Viruses you should know aboutText
Computer viruses that are not the normal type 57.9032258064516%
New Reality TV ShowsPicture
Possible upcoming reality-show based tv shows 57.3170731707317%
Near Sighted Kid (1 Mb)Movie
How to tell when a child is near sighted 56.5217391304348%
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