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Popular Jokes starting with O

Jokes Starting with O

Osama Bean LandenPicture
Americas Public Enemy Number One Views: 27519
Osama, come and playPicture
Why won't he come out of his cave and play Views: 27218
Osama Bin ShavenPicture
What happens if we shave his beard Views: 27186
Osama's Cave MemoText
Osama sends a Memo to his staff Views: 25560
Oil ShortageText
Getting to the bottom of oil shortages and high gas prices Views: 8928
Office DiscriminationPicture
Some times you can't win either way Views: 8769
Oh crapPicture
There are times when you know that the situation is not going to turn out well Views: 7893
Old Iraqi Voting BallotPicture
Oh, the memories of when Saddam was in power Views: 7306
Office VacationsPicture
What co-workers do to their collegues' cubicles while on vacation Views: 6952
Only in America...Text
Insights into American Culture Views: 6951
Office MisquotesText
Top 10 things said in the office that sound dirty Views: 6199
Office HumourText
If you work in an office environment, you'll find these funny Views: 5938
Office BlondePicture
How a Blonde copies a Computer Document Views: 5916
Office MemosText
Submissions of comments, notices, and statements coming out of different companies Views: 5782
On topPicture
Kids can be so naive Views: 5436
Office Check-upPicture
A boss checks in on his employee Views: 5359
Office SpellcheckerPicture
Microsoft Office has a unique spellchecking feature on it Views: 5186
Old is when...Text
Do you feel like your getting older Views: 5143
Old EyesPicture
The eyes are the first to go when you get older Views: 4743
Old Ladies in ChurchPicture
Two elderly ladies are chit-chatting during the church service Views: 4743
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