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Popular Jokes starting with S

Jokes Starting with S

Saddams NoteText
Saddam sends a note to George Bush 
Safe ComputingPicture
How to stop computer viruses (viri?) from affecting your computer 
Safety at WorkPicture
Even if they wear their hard hats and protective gear, it wouldn't help these workers 
Santa gives upPicture
I guess Santa has had enough of the cold winter weather 
Santa Hunting SeasonPicture
It's open season at the North Pole 
Santa UnpluggedPicture
Little Timmy finds out what the real Santa is like 
Santa's Dry CleaningPicture
Santa isn't happy with this house 
Santa's OppositePicture
As Santa comes, this guy goes 
Santas RepliesPicture
Santa must have had a little too much egg nog when he wrote these replies back to kids 
Santas SecretPicture
Santa has a little fetish that he doesn't want you to know about 
Sars EffectPicture
The hazards of avoiding SARS 
Saskatchewan EnterpreneurPicture
A little humour during the long winter 
Save Money at ChristmasPicture
Perhaps a good way to save some money at Christmas 
Save the WhalesPicture
That is quite the blow hole on this whale 
Scam SpottingPicture
How to spot an easy scam 
Scary Halloween StoryText
An old man is being chased around in his house 
Scary ImagesPicture
Some things that you hope to never see in your life 
Scary Licence PlatePicture
Would you pass a car with a licence plate like this? 
Schmitt's HousePicture
Santa's Reindeers get Confused with their Directions 
School ActivityPicture
So son, what did you do at school today? 
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