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Popular Jokes starting with S

Jokes Starting with S

School ZonePicture
This is why we have those Standardize Tests 70.4761904761905%
Santa UnpluggedPicture
Little Timmy finds out what the real Santa is like 69.6923076923077%
Simple Sex JokesText
Little funnies about sex 67.7551020408163%
Sports and ManagementText
A comparrison of favourite sports to employment positions 67.0588235294118%
Santa's OppositePicture
As Santa comes, this guy goes 66.5573770491803%
Sweating TerroristsPicture
Deoderant for Terrorists 63.7%
Senior CinderellaText
Cinderella is now 75 years old! 62.25%
Save the WhalesPicture
That is quite the blow hole on this whale 62.1951219512195%
Stupid Cold WeatherPicture
Two images about the ice and snow of winter 61.8867924528302%
Signs of Single-nessText
A drunk points out the obvious sign of single-ness 61.5189873417722%
Sex Education ConventionText
A man meets a sex education teacher en route to Chicago 61.4925373134328%
Santa's Dry CleaningPicture
Santa isn't happy with this house 61.4457831325301%
Sars EffectPicture
The hazards of avoiding SARS 61.4285714285714%
Smart DadText
After many years of marriage, dad has had enough 61.2727272727273%
Santas SecretPicture
Santa has a little fetish that he doesn't want you to know about 61.025641025641%
Small Town GossipText
A trial takes place in a village courtroom 61%
Single Male AdPicture
I doubt anyone will respond 60.9230769230769%
Surgeon's HelpPicture
Where does a Surgeon go when he needs help with a medical operation 60.9090909090909%
Spanish foodText
An tourist travels to Spain to enjoy the culture and food 60.8823529411765%
See-through topsPicture
You can see right through this celebrities top! 60.8333333333333%
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