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Popular Jokes starting with T

Jokes Starting with T

Terrorist Training SchoolPicture
A class you don't want to miss Views: 46987
Teletubby Drop-outsPicture
Teletubbies that just didn't make the cut Views: 17348
This Land (3 Mb)Flash
George Bush and John Kerry sing about their chances in the 2004 election Views: 17043
Tanning a TurkeyPicture
When baking a turkey to that golden brown, watch out for tan lines Views: 16360
The E-wordPicture
Forget about F, this is even a worse word to use Views: 14537
The Blonde BrainPicture
Scientists have mapped the Female Blond Brain Views: 12257
Take your Kid to Work DayPicture
An airline pilot takes his kid to work to show him the joys of flying Views: 11814
Talking Easter BunniesPicture
Two easter bunnies try to have a conversation Views: 11241
Timmys New BikePicture
How Timmy got his new bike from Santa Claus Views: 10512
Thanksgiving ConversationText
10 Things that sound dirty on Thanksgiving Weekend Views: 9855
Techno Country FolkText
Definitions for Country Folk Views: 8893
Toilet Stall SignPicture
I guess the guys who use this washroom are a bit messy Views: 7860
True SignsText
Examples of signs that have different meanings! Views: 7728
Time ManagementPicture
Learn how to manage your time by Multi-tasking Views: 7727
Traffic Pull-overPicture
Can you guess what this biker was being pulled over by the cops Views: 7726
Taco Bell SignPicture
Check out the Taco Bell Sign Views: 7680
Turning Tricks or TreatText
Why Trick or Treating is Better than Sex Views: 7586
Tim Horton's BunsPicture
I wonder why this baker got fired from Tim Hortons Views: 7220
Trick or TreatText
Ways to confuse Trick or Treaters Views: 7204
Taliban Computer VirusText
Beware of this computer Virus, it could erase your computer! Views: 7074
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