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Popular Jokes starting with T

Jokes Starting with T

True SignsText
Examples of signs that have different meanings! 73.8461538461539%
Tired of WinterPicture
Getting tired of winter yet? 71.7391304347826%
Tired and OverworkedText
Ever felt like you were doing all the work 70.4761904761905%
The world per capitaText
Stats if the world were only 100 people 67.75%
Traffic Pull-overPicture
Can you guess what this biker was being pulled over by the cops 67.3584905660377%
Two Guys and their TruckText
A True Story about an Ice Fishing Trip 67.1875%
Touching Father-Son StoryText
A heart wrenching story about a father and his son 66.8292682926829%
The Fictional EdenText
A fictional story about Eve and Adam 66.5384615384615%
The Art GalleryText
Art is in the eye of the Beholder 64.3396226415094%
Theory of RelativesText
A Texan writes about his family tree 64.3333333333333%
The Swimming HeadText
A Head Swims in a Contest 63%
The SneezeText
A graduating class deals with a recent supreme court ruling 62.7027027027027%
Thoughts about LifeText
A few thoughts about the things in our lives 62.3287671232877%
Treadmill Exercise (3 Mb)Movie
A guy determined to exercise has a little problem with his treadmill 62.1348314606742%
Talking FrogText
An older gentleman finds a talking frog who offers happiness and pleasures 61.7647058823529%
The 1990sText
Signs That You have Had Too Much Of The 1990s 61.4583333333333%
Text BreastsText
You've seen :) or ;) - Now there are Symbols for Breasts! 61.1290322580645%
That is a BIG catPicture
This has to be a Guiness Record 60.752688172043%
Tough DecisionPicture
Many a man has had to make a tough decision 60.379746835443%
Thong BikinisPicture
Two women wear thongs to the beach 60.2325581395349%
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