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Popular Jokes starting with W

Jokes Starting with W

Words of WisdomText
Some inspiration to help you throughout your day 72.6086956521739%
Wrong Directions?Picture
I Wonder Who Stands on this Street Corner 70.5882352941177%
Whom should you marry?Text
Who is better? A nurse, an operator or a teacher? 68.1818181818182%
Womens DictionaryText
Essential Guide to Womens English 67.6923076923077%
Where would you like to Go?Text
A day in Heaven & Hell 66.3888888888889%
World Domination RulesText
100 Rules for World Domination 66.3694267515924%
Women Driver StatsText
Statistics on Female Drivers 65.2%
What you deservePicture
You deserve only the best in life 64.2105263157895%
What God is LikeText
What is God like? Comparisons to other things in our lives 64.0677966101695%
World Trade HeroPicture
We could have used him on September 11, 2001 64.0659340659341%
Women DominationPicture
What the world would be if dominated by Women 63.75%
West Jet FlightsText
Humourous quotes from West Jet Flights 61.9672131147541%
Woodbridge ApplicationText
Application to live in the town of Woodbrigdge (Redneck country) 61.7391304347826%
Womens RulesText
Laws that women should follow 61.4814814814815%
Windows for ScotsPicture
Awk lass, you'lllll got'ta see this 61.3953488372093%
What Will I Be?Picture
What will I be when I grow up and get a job? 61.0975609756098%
Winter Class for MenText
14 sessions to improve the male species. Class size is limited. 61%
Why Dogs AttackPicture
Ever wonder why Dogs turn on their owners? 60.8333333333333%
Willing to WorkPicture
Some guys are desperate 60.7246376811594%
Want and RealityPicture
What Women want, and what is looking for them 60.625%
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