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Christmas PresentPicture
The perfect gift for any male 
Christmas Tree StoryText
How the Angel got on top of the tree 
Christmas TurkeyText
A mother plays a little prank on her daughter 
Church BulletinsText
A collection of errors in Church Bulletins 
Church SignPicture
Check out the Name of this Church 
Client ParkingPicture
You know what they say about guys with nice cars 
Clinton CountryText
Watch what you say in Bars 
Clinton Pez DispenserPicture
Former President Clinton's legacy continues... 
Cockpit ViewPicture
See where airline pilots have their eyes 
Coffee Anyone?Flash
May I offer you a coffee 
Coke Ad BreakPicture
What the polar bears talk about in between commercial shoots 
Coke AddictPicture
You have to watch who you hang out with 
Cold Enough for You?Text
A comparrison of Canadian Cold to the World 
Cold Religious NightsText
Have you heard the one about the Priest and the Nun? 
College Bible StudentsText
What if the bible was written by College Students? 
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