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Popular Jokes starting with B∨der

Jokes Starting with B∨der

A new billboard for Clintons Education Program 
Bin Laden HighPicture
Take off of I got High song 
Bin Who?Picture
Various affiliates of Osama Bin Laden 
Bird in the SkyPicture
Look up there... It's a bird... 
Bitter DivorceText
Divorce can be hard (or easy) on people 
Bless you my ChildPicture
A stain glass window of a priest blessing a child 
Blind FarmerPicture
A blind Farmer tries to round up some chickens 
Blind ManText
Two Nuns meet a Blind Man 
Blind SnowmanPicture
A blind school enjoys a fun day in the snow and builds a snowman 
Blonde Bar JokeText
A blind man finds himself in an awkward predicament 
Blonde CarPicture
How can you tell if a Blonde owns a car 
Blonde DiaryText
A blonde writes about her home renovation experience 
Blonde GamblingText
This girl has the right idea 
Blonde JokesText
Various Jokes about our favourite hair group 
Blonde v. VentrilloquistText
What a blonde thinks of a Ventrilloquist 
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