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Popular Jokes starting with W∨der

Jokes Starting with W∨der

Womens RulesText
Laws that women should follow 
Woodbridge ApplicationText
Application to live in the town of Woodbrigdge (Redneck country) 
Word Perfect HotlineText
Actual Transcript of a FORMER software assistence employee 
Words of WisdomText
Some inspiration to help you throughout your day 
Words of Wisdom IIText
Some more inspirational thoughts for your mind 
Work vs PrisonText
A comparrison of Work to Prison 
Working from Home (3 Mb)Movie
Perhaps a disadvantage about working from home 
Working-for-a-Living TheromText
Ever wonder why you're not making enough money 
Workplace Safety ProgramPicture
It is important to have Health and Safety standards at work to avoid accidents 
World According to CowsText
Various Ideologies explained by using Bovine Examples 
World Domination RulesText
100 Rules for World Domination 
World Order T-shirtPicture
An interesting view of how the new world order should be organized 
World Trade HeroPicture
We could have used him on September 11, 2001 
Worse Lie EverText
Talk about a bad lie 
Wrong Directions?Picture
I Wonder Who Stands on this Street Corner 
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