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Dying in StyleText
A old preacher last request before he meets his Maker Views: 8338
Melting SnowmanPicture
Takes alot of Yellow snow to make this happen Views: 8338
Doggy ChristmasPicture
A glimpse inside a dog's house at Christmas time Views: 8315
Hanging Christmas LightsPicture
This guy would make the Grizwards very proud Views: 8309
Oil ShortageText
Getting to the bottom of oil shortages and high gas prices Views: 8249
US Apology (4 Mb)Movie
Clip from 22 Minutes apologizing to the United States on behalf of Canada Views: 8228
Office DiscriminationPicture
Some times you can't win either way Views: 8217
Latenight Iraq JokesText
Various jokes made by Letterman, Kilborn, Leno and O'Brien. Views: 8211
Failed Hallmark CardsText
Rejects that just did not make it Views: 8186
Florida BallotPicture
The Infamous Florida Election Ballot Views: 8169
Krung Thai Murder (3mb)Movie
A wife comes home to a gruesome scene Views: 8156
Computer HicksPicture
Tech Terms for the Hicks Views: 8142
Big FeetPicture
Is what they say true? Views: 8134
Air RudolfPicture
How Rudolf Flies could get Santa in Trouble Views: 8131
Death by ViagraPicture
Viagra can be hazardous to your health Views: 8100
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