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Popular Jokes starting with P

Jokes Starting with P

Presidential PotatoesPicture
Some Scandal is brewing in the Mr. Potatoe-head Oval Office Views: 3608
Poland InvasionPicture
How the Germans invaded Poland in 1938 Views: 3589
Polish Eye ExamText
A trip to the polish eye doctor Views: 3550
Politically Correct StatementsText
Some phrases that you should use to not offend people??? Views: 3496
Portrait IllusionsPicture
An interest portrait that has an optical illusion Views: 3493
Peanuts ReunionText
What happens if Charlie Brown had aged Views: 3396
Patience of a TeacherText
Even teachers have their limits for the patience Views: 3395
Put Pork on your ForkPicture
Pork. The other white meat Views: 3363
Political Party SuggestionsText
10 Suggestions for new Political Parties Views: 3307
Plastic Surgury ExamplePicture
When you don't know how to describe exactly what you want Views: 3294
Pig IntroductionText
An austrailian introduces his pig to his girlfriend Views: 3272
PMS DefinitionsText
Top 13 Things that PMS Stands For Views: 3229
Proof of GodText
Story about Science proving Gods exists Views: 3147
PMS LightbulbText
How many women does it take... Views: 3088
Proof that Girls are EvilPicture
Math solves all of lifes puzzles! Views: 3083
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