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Popular Jokes starting with C

Jokes Starting with C

Cause of FirePicture
I wonder what caused the fire at this house 60.5%
Canadian ApologyText
A Truly Canadian Apology to the USA... By Rick Mercer 59.672131147541%
Catholic DrivingPicture
How you know when Catholics are driving too fast 59.5774647887324%
Computer HicksPicture
Tech Terms for the Hicks 59.5180722891566%
Chalkboard DrawingsPicture
A classroom draws on the Chalkboard 59.2982456140351%
Corporate LessonsText
Stories which depict Morals about the Business World 59.2307692307692%
Car Brand AcronymsText
Slogans for various vehicle manufacturers 59.1549295774648%
Calling it a NightText
20 Clues that a Woman Should Call it a Night: 59.010989010989%
Congratulating the WinnerPicture
Usually a tap on the button is sufficient 58.955223880597%
Clinton CountryText
Watch what you say in Bars 58.4615384615385%
Car Safety DevicePicture
A new device that reduces accidents by 45% 58.3076923076923%
Consumer WarningsText
Actual Product Warnings 58.0882352941176%
Computer Crash SafetyPicture
A new device in your monitor can reduce injuries 57.9411764705882%
Chocolate MathText
The definition of Chocolate... Mmm... Chocolate 57.843137254902%
Checking the WebPicture
How many hits does your Website get? 57.8125%
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