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Popular Jokes starting with L

Jokes Starting with L

Letters to GodText
Children Write Letters to God 54.8214285714286%
Love/Hate PoetryText
Poetry that has a romantic first line and un-romantic second line 54.7887323943662%
Latenight Iraq JokesText
Various jokes made by Letterman, Kilborn, Leno and O'Brien. 54.1880341880342%
Laden's Hiding PlacePicture
Intelligence has found Bin Laden hideout 53.728813559322%
Lesser-Known Programming LanguagesText
A description of the other computer languages that didn't catch on 53.4328358208955%
Lego JunkiesPicture
Where do people come up with these ideas? 52.7058823529412%
Late HusbandPicture
How a wife determines the punishment for coming home late 52.5%
Learning from the MoviesText
Things you would never know without the movies 52.3684210526316%
Learning from NoahText
All I learned about life, I learned from Noah 51.5%
Legalized in IdahoPicture
Though it is still illegal, this store is selling it 50.8974358974359%
Little Johnnys FatherText
A nice little Civil Service Joke 48%
Learning from CowsText
Everything I learned about Life, I learned from Cows 46.75%
Life SecretsPicture
Secrets to live a happy life 45.2631578947368%
Letter to the BankText
An irate Customer writes a letter about his new services 44.4776119402985%
Living without EmailText
A man's life without Email 44.3478260869565%
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