AirLine Mechanics
  Two Airline Mechanics Decide to Drink on the Job

A couple of drinking buddies, who are United Airplane mechanics, are in a hanger at San Francisco airport. The runway is fogged in and they have nothing to do.

One of them says to the other, "Man, have you got anything to drink?"

The second guy says, "Nah, but I hear you can drink jet fuel, that it will kinda give you a buzz."

So they do drink it, get smashed and have a beautiful time ... as only drinking buddies can do.

The following morning, one of them wakes up figuring that his head will explode if he gets up. Nevertheless, he gets up and is surprised to find that he feels good; in fact, he feels great ... no hangover!

The phone rings. It's his buddy asking him how he feels.

"I feel great!" he says.

His buddy agrees, saying, "I feel great too! You don't have a hangover either?"

"No" he replies. "That jet fuel is great stuff ... no hangover. We ought to do this more often."

"Yeah, we could, but there's just one thing..."

"What's that?"

"Did you fart yet?"


"Well...don't, 'cause I'm in Phoenix!"