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Osama's trying to meet people online. Check out his bio

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Saddam Abdelkarim ReutersSteve
Barbra Ayman Parveen
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Gender: Male
Interested in meeting people for: Dating, Serious Relationship (Women or Attractive Barnyard Animals )
Status: Open Marriage
Age: 47
Occupation: Terrorist
Location: Detroit...haha...kidding...can't really say
Home Town: Riyadh
Interests: Slaughtering infidels, Al Qaeda, hanging out in caves, square dancing, destroying United States (and maybe England if they keep pissing me off)
Favorite Music: Zain Bhika, Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Raihan, Devo, Pet Shop Boys
Favorite Reading: Koran, Gore Vidal (not bad for a gay infidel!), Terrorist Handbook, Nuclear Weapons for Dummies, New York Times editorial page
Favorite TV Shows: I can only get an Italian sports station from the satellite dish in my cave :(
About Me: I enjoy reading, hanging out with my wives, creating terrorist plots to bring about the destruction of the non-Muslim world, etc. I have traveled extensively, though lately it's mostly been in the moutainous nether regions of western Asia. BTW, if anyone has heard from Saddam tell him to get in touch with me, I haven't heard from him lately.
Who I Want to Meet: People who have access to high-grade plutonium
ReutersSteve, 9/29/01:
Some people say Osama is a mass-murdering terrorist. Others say he's a freedom fighter. Po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to.
Parveen, 3/24/03:
My husband is a great man. I like him very much.
Aabirah, 4/17/03:
My husband is gr8. We have lotsa fun.
Faraq, 4/17/03:
my husband is a cool d00d. his otha wives r bitchez but i aint hatin'.
Bush, 12/17/03:
Hey Osama, what's up? I need your address so that I can...umm...send you a Christmas card. Let me know where you are these days and I'll get it out right away.

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