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Guidelines for the front seat

Rule 1 : You must be outside
In order to call shotgun, you must be outside of a building, and the vehicle in question must be in view. Lobbies and screened in porches do not count as being outside. If the car is parked in a garage, the garage door must be open before shotgun can be called. Indoor parking garages count as being outside for shotgun purposes.

Rule 2: You must be wearing footwear
In the summer, some sneaky people will run outside with their shoes in their hands in order to call shotgun. A person must have footwear on their feet before they are eligible to call shotgun.

Rule 3: Someone has to hear you
Once you're in range of the vehicle, you must say the word shotgun loud enough for another to-be passenger to hear you. You must say the entire word, (calling 'gtire word, (calling 'gun' does not count.) You must have intent while saying the word. If for example, you say, "Has anyone called shotgun?" this does not count as this statement lacks intent. If no one hears your call, others are free to call shotgun and claim the front seat.

Rule 4: The door rule
If two people call shotgun at the same time, shotgun will be granted to the first person that touches the passenger door handle. If shotgun is not called by the time the passengers reach the vehicle, shotgun is granted to the first person that touches the passenger door handle.

Rule 5: Shotgun privileges apply for one ride only
A person can claim shotgun for only one ride. If all passengers leave the car, the shotgun seat is fair game when they return to the car. The original shotgun rider must successfully call shotgun again in order to preserve his/her position in the car on the second ride. If the shotgun rider leaves the car, while others are still in the car, other backseat passengers are eligible to claim shotgun. If the person leaving the shotgun seat is returning momentarily, that person must call shotgun while leaving the car. If this person is leaving the car to run an errand for the driver (pump gas, etc) they automatically keep their right to the front seat.

Rule 6: The old rule 6: The old rule
If someone over 30 is a passenger in the car (like someone's Mom, Uncle, or Grandma) they automatically get shotgun. If there is more than one old person in the car, the oldest person should be offered the shotgun seat first.

Rule 7: The significant other rule
If a passenger in the car is dating the driver, they have automatic shotgun rights.

Rule 8: The couple rule
If the only passengers in a vehicle are a couple, one must take shotgun. This is to prevent the driver from feeling like a taxi driver. If the front seat is equipped with three seatbelts, and the couple must sit together, they must both sit in the front seat with the driver.

Rule 9: The navigator rule
If one passenger of the car is the only one who knows how to get to the destination, this person is deemed the navigator and is given automatic shotgun rights. The person sitting shotgun must act as navigator, whether or not he/she acquired shotgun by claiming excellent navigation skills.

Rule 10: Other seats in the car
If the shotgun seat is already taken, other seats can be claimed by calling "shotgun-window" or (less commonly) "shotgun-middle."

Rule 11: More than one car
If passengers are taking more than one car, the person calling shotgun must specify which car he/she is calling shotgun for. For example, if one driver was named Ricky, and the other driver was named Justin, the passenger would call either shotgun-Ricky or shotgun-Justin. If the caller doesn't indicate which car they're calling for, the call does not count and others are free to call shotgun.

Rule 12: Disagreements
If for any reason, passengers disagree on the matter of who rightfully called shotgun first, the driver has the right to decide the shotgun rider.

Rule 13: If you call it, you must sit in it
If for some reason, the front seat is uncomfortable, smells strange, has holes or springs protruding, or has an unidentified stain on it, the person who has called "shotgun" must sit there. Other passengers may make fun of the caller if they choose to do so.

Rule 14: Crossing the border
When crossing the border to another Country or Province, all claims to shotgun are declared void. If another passenger successfully calls shotgun before the shotgun rider, the driver must pull over at the safest earliest convenience and allow the passengers to switchw the passengers to switch seats.

Rule 15: Shotgun hogs
A person who claims shotgun more than 5 rides in a row may be declared a "shotgun hog." The hog must win a game of paper-rock-scissors in order to maintain his/her claim to shotgun. This shotgun hog must ride in the back seat twice consecutively before he/she can be rid of the shotgun hog title.

Rule 16: Driver is god
Driver may veto any shotgun privlegde without giving a reason.

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