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Very wise quotes from Confusious...

  • baby ill-conceived in automatic car become shiftless bastard.

  • baseball wrong---man with four balls cannot walk.

  • fool climb tree to find cherry---wise man spread limbs.

  • foolish man give wife grand piano---wise man give wife upright organ.

  • girl laid in tomb may soon become mummy.

  • she who flies upside down, crack up.

  • he who play with self pulls big boner.

  • house without toilet is uncanny.

  • women who keep dishwashing detergent on top shelf always jump for joy.

  • is good for girl to meet boy in park---much better for boy to park meat in girl.

  • is good to learn how to masturbate---may come in handy!

  • it take many nails to build crib, but one screw to fill it.

  • man who drop watch in toilet have shitty time.

  • man who fart in church sit in his own pew!

  • man who go to bed with stiff problem---wake up with solution in hand.

  • man who stands on toilet is high on POT!

  • man who walk through airport turnstile sideways bound to Bangkok.

  • man with hand in pocket is having a ball.

  • man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day!

  • man with sex problems at night---wakes up with solution at hand.

  • sailor who get discharged from Navy feel sad to leave buddies behind.

  • secretary become permanent fixture when screwed on desk.

  • virginity is like balloon---One prick and it's gone.

  • woman is like jazz music---3/4 jazz time and 1/4 rag time.

  • woman who cook carrots and pees in same pot is unsanitary.

  • elevator smell different to midget.

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