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Bad Questions to Jeopardy type answers

To catch a falling star:
- Why does anyone watch "Gigli"?
- What is the main function of the Betty Ford Clinic?

Drop and give me 20:
- What is a hooker's favorite pickup line?

I Do I Do I Guess:
- What did J Lo say at her last three weddings?

Because it was on fire:
- What did Michael Jackson ask his brother, Jermaine, why he was roasting marshmallows next to his head?

Totally A-maize-ing:
- What would you call crop circles in a cornfield?
- What is Nebraska's new state motto?

The gift of flab:
- What does Mrs. Claus get for Christmas every year?

Midget Freak Boa:
- Who is most likely to win the California recall election?

The Gift of Chocolate:
- What is the most depressing 5th anniversary gift to someone allergic to Xanthines?

Not exactly a James Michener novel:
- How would you describe a book about Polynesian Prostitutes entitled, "Tails of the South Pacific"?

Just add Chocolate:
- What words are embroidered on the back of Roseanne Barr's jeans?

Yu-Gi-Oh Yoko:
- Who was blamed for breaking-up Pokemon mania?

Because it wasn't there:
- Why did John Wayne Bobbit go to the hospital?

Mourning becomes Carmen Electra:
- What was the only known collaborative effort between Georges Bizet and Richard Strauss?

The New Mattel Barbie-Q:
- What do Barbie and her friends use for their outdoor Coo-KEN?

Definitely a waste of good skin:
- What is the comment most muttered by Gentiles at a bris?

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