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The Eiffel Tower Oct 09/2007
Here's the tower, decorated in green and yellow for Rugby World Cup which was being played in France
Finally at the Eiffel Tower Oct 09/2007
We walked from the Arc du Triumph to the Eiffel Tower, travelling down many side streets to get there
In Paris, at Last Oct 09/2007
Taken from our Hotel room in Paris. We didn't like walking up 5 flights of stairs, but our floor had a balcony, so it was a nice touch
Kees First Lego Set Oct 08/2007
He might not have motor-control or hand-eye coordination yet, but this should help him develop it
Me, at Vimy Oct 08/2007
After missing the chance in 2002, I finally made it to Vimy Memorial
Vimy Memorial at Night Oct 08/2007
Although we got lost on the way, it meant that we got there right at sunset to see the monument in day and night
180 - A Dream Fullfilled Oct 29/2007
This was my spedometer while driving on the Autobahn -- and BMWs were still whizzing by me
Geoff and the Lego Stalk Aug 19/2007
This is the Tower that Lego built at the CNE... I arrived too late on Sunday to build :(
Number 2 Pencil May 20/2007
I was worried that I would lose my balance and knock this over (Artist: Nathan Sawaya)
A Peak Inside May 20/2007
So, THAT's what we all look like inside. (Artist: Nathan Sawaya)
The Birthday Party Group Feb 09/2007
All the people who came out to celebrate
Old Friends Jul 06/2006
We've known each other for 1/2 or lives almost
Bloody Hook May 02/2006
This is the pirate model that I made for the chicago contest -- a little morbid for a kid's theme park eh?
Self Lego Portrait Jun 02/2006
Me, in Lego form
Me and My Sister Aug 06/2005
What would be a family picture without the tradition 'pose'
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