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SPEW and the Happy Couple 3 46. SPEW and the Happy Couple 3
And one last photo with the Bride and Groom (Gavin, stop looking, she's taken now) 100%
Euchre Fishing Story 47. Euchre Fishing Story
I once had a euchre hand THIS BIG 100%
Waiting for the Fun 48. Waiting for the Fun
Ian reviews last minute ideas before leading the games 100%
Journal Time 49. Journal Time
Getting ready to work on their journals 100%
Whatcha got here? 50. Whatcha got here?
What is Shelly showing to the others??? 100%
Lunch time! 51. Lunch time!
What's for lunch liz? 100%
Weird Face to Make 52. Weird Face to Make
Are you looking at the ceiling? 100%
Encouragement please 53. Encouragement please
Walking around, writing encouragement on each other 100%
Encouragement Activity 54. Encouragement Activity
The group goes around and writes encouragement on each other's back 100%
Chain encouragement 55. Chain encouragement
I'll sign your back, while you are signing his 100%
Spew Group I 56. Spew Group I
The whole group on the stairs of the retreat house 100%
Spew Group II 57. Spew Group II
Spew poses for a group shot on the stairs 100%
SPEW Group III 58. SPEW Group III
Another shot of the group, this one on a timer shot 100%
Spew Outside 59. Spew Outside
A final shot of the group before we head home 100%
SPEW outside... with Andrew 60. SPEW outside... with Andrew
Andrew squeezes in at the last minute for the last photo of the retreat 100%
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