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Craig came too! 1. Craig came too!
Was in Kitchner, had to invite Craig along 100%
Whats so funny Craig? 2. Whats so funny Craig?
Craig looks like he is laughing at something (someone perhaps?) 100%
Martha and Half-Craig 3. Martha and Half-Craig
On the docks about to go boating 100%
Good to see you again 4. Good to see you again
Craig and Andi pose for a picture 100%
Waiting for the Bride 5. Waiting for the Bride
Frank and Craig arrive at the church early 100%
Punishment Rendered 6. Punishment Rendered
Geoff and Craig get their justice for the horrors they faced earlier that week 100%
Silly String Fight 7. Silly String Fight
Craig brings a lighter to the Silly String Fight 100%
Good night everyone 8. Good night everyone
Craig is heading off to bed for the night 100%
Water is warm, jump in 9. Water is warm, jump in
Craig jumps out of the boat to go water skiing 100%
He is up and skiing 10. He is up and skiing
Craig takes a few laps around the lake 100%
At the Leaders Meeting 11. At the Leaders Meeting
Geoff speaks while Craig stares off into space??? 100%
Nice Glasses! 12. Nice Glasses!
They really suit you Craig! 100%
Persession Walk 13. Persession Walk
Craig enters into the church for graduation 100%
Some of SPEW 14. Some of SPEW
A few of us congradulate Craig on his accomplishment 100%
Getting the Diploma 15. Getting the Diploma
Craig awaits his turn to receive his BLEC graduation 100%
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