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Dan Vs. Picnic Table 1. Dan Vs. Picnic Table
How many "leaders" does it take to raise the ceremonial tarp? 100%
Dan and Andrew 2. Dan and Andrew
At Mongolian Grill, Waterloo for Dan's 24th Birthday 100%
An Ode to Dan 3. An Ode to Dan
The whole questing group sings Opera Happy Birthday to Dan 100%
Battle Scars 4. Battle Scars
Dan sports his scars from doing battle with the Inner Tube 100%
Nice Dora Bandage 5. Nice Dora Bandage
Getting Dan stitched up after his fight with the tube 100%
The Ceremonial Tarp Gives Us Troubles 6. The Ceremonial Tarp Gives Us Troubles
The "leaders" couldn't do it so they brought in the "director." 100%
How You Doin'? 7. How You Doin'?
...well...how are you doing? 100%
Time To Play... 8. Time To Play...
Throw the stick in the tree! 100%
Man... 9. Man...
I didn't know raccoons could even do that...look at 'em go! 100%
Sarah's Turn! 10. Sarah's Turn!
We all know a girl couldn't get the stick in the tree, but we gave them a shot anyways. 100%
What Is Happening? 11. What Is Happening?
In this picture? 100%
Group Photo! 12. Group Photo!
Moments earlier Aaron was eaten by 3 wolves and 1 bear which is why he is not in this picture. 100%
Dog Vs. Humans 13. Dog Vs. Humans
I think it's pretty clear by the look in that dogs eyes who won. 100%
This Fish 14. This Fish
Totally tried to steal Dan's bait so he totally caught it with his bear hands and ripped his head off. 100%
Mongolian Grill 15. Mongolian Grill
Dani and I at the Mongolian Grill in London. The photo in the background is awesome, but you can't see it. 100%
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