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Jen, the Bridesmaid 1. Jen, the Bridesmaid
The second down the aisle 100%
Jenn, at Mongolian Grill 2. Jenn, at Mongolian Grill
Enjoying the evening, celebrating Dan's 24th birthday at the Mongolian Grill 100%
Roomies no longer 3. Roomies no longer
Sorry Jenn, you have to move out, Kelly has a new roommate now 100%
I call this table 4. I call this table
No Jen, I have this table. You'll have to gopher at another 100%
Entering the church 5. Entering the church
A few of us arrive and enter the church -- so much for getting everyone's attention 100%
Haldimand Beach 6. Haldimand Beach
ARGH! I hate sand in the pants 100%
Chop Sticks A-plenty 7. Chop Sticks A-plenty
He's got the hang of these utentils 100%
Perm Staff Dinner 8. Perm Staff Dinner
Hey Jim, enjoying the dinner? 100%
Want some water 9. Want some water
Perm Staff's skit during our Talent/Skit night 100%
All Smiles 10. All Smiles
A nice picture of one of the Perm Staff members 100%
Spelling Mistake 11. Spelling Mistake
Is that how you spell Cabin 8? 100%
Perm Staff Pose 12. Perm Staff Pose
Two of the kitchen staff take some time out from their jobs to enjoy the sun 100%
Getting ready for Monks 13. Getting ready for Monks
Last minute dash across the dining hall to get ready for monks 100%
Perm Staff Reunion 14. Perm Staff Reunion
Past and present perm staff members reunite 100%
Pastor Gene's Message 15. Pastor Gene's Message
The Pastor offers words of advice and wisdom to the bride and groom 100%
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