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Karen, the Overhead Person 1. Karen, the Overhead Person
Karen prays the overhead doesn't blank out again 100%
Karen ends the Story 2. Karen ends the Story
Karen tells the final part of the story 100%
Karen Speaks 3. Karen Speaks
I think there is a similar pic from last year... same pose and everything 100%
Enjoying the snackbar 4. Enjoying the snackbar
I don't see any rollerblades on Karen... Hmm? 100%
First Day Bible Study 5. First Day Bible Study
Richard leads us in Worship 100%
Watching Veggie Tales 6. Watching Veggie Tales
Campers watch TV as they wait for Bible Study to Start 100%
Waiting in Line 7. Waiting in Line
The last of the line waiting to leave Bible Study 100%
Partial Group Photo 8. Partial Group Photo
Those campers who were left, posed for a photo 100%
The Overhead is Working! 9. The Overhead is Working!
Quick, everyone sing with the light is on! 100%
And the Miss Oneida Winner is...! 10. And the Miss Oneida Winner is...!
The winner is announced and the sash is presented 100%
And the Mr Oneida winner is 11. And the Mr Oneida winner is
The male winner is announced and the sash is presented 100%
Singing Grace 12. Singing Grace
Everyone stands for Grace 100%
I call this table 13. I call this table
No Jen, I have this table. You'll have to gopher at another 100%
Leader's Wacky Hair 14. Leader's Wacky Hair
Geoff's braids, Dan's U-man, Kerry Lee's Coolio and Tom's male patterned baldness 100%
Male Patterned Baldness 15. Male Patterned Baldness
Hey Tom, you know it's heireditary 100%
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