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Congrats Martha 1. Congrats Martha
Martha receives her diploma from BLEC staff 100%
Martha and Half-Craig 2. Martha and Half-Craig
On the docks about to go boating 100%
Psst... Martha 3. Psst... Martha
A quick surprise shot during the graduation ceremony 100%
Getting the Diploma II 4. Getting the Diploma II
Martha awaits her turn to receive her BLEC diploma 100%
My Bancroft Bud 5. My Bancroft Bud
Martha and I catch up in the sanctuary while waiting for the crowds to clear out 100%
Friends by the Fire 6. Friends by the Fire
Here are most of us sitting around the campfire 100%
Whats so funny Craig? 7. Whats so funny Craig?
Craig looks like he is laughing at something (someone perhaps?) 100%
Whats over there? 8. Whats over there?
Looking at something up in the air? 100%
Class of 2002 9. Class of 2002
The last class of BLEC 100%
All game 10. All game
If looks could kill, she would have won without playing us 100%
8-ball, corner pocket 11. 8-ball, corner pocket
A few of us play some pool between the ceremony and reception 100%

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