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Jer and Michelle 1. Jer and Michelle
Sitting on sofa chairs... So, this is what Marriage is like 100%
Old Roomies 2. Old Roomies
Rachel and Michelle told us all about their experiences in the apartment from hell-o 100%
More Un-game Questions 3. More Un-game Questions
Michelle bombards us with questions from the battle of the sexes game 100%
Saving the Memory 4. Saving the Memory
Shelly takes a picture to remember the Cake 100%
How many people want cake? 5. How many people want cake?
Shelly counts how many people want cake 100%
Happy Birthday Shelly 6. Happy Birthday Shelly
Happy Birthday from some of the Gang 100%
Communications Group Shot 7. Communications Group Shot
Here is the Communications Division at the Picnic 100%
Time fo Food 8. Time fo Food
Here is the Communications Division sitting down for a BBQ 100%
A Hug Goodbye 9. A Hug Goodbye
Maggie wishes Ruth a fond farewell 100%
Playing Euchre 10. Playing Euchre
A few of my friends get together for some Euchre 100%
Brock Teacher's Reunion 11. Brock Teacher's Reunion
A few of Andi's old Brock classmates from Teacher's College 100%
A Happy Yuletide Surprise 12. A Happy Yuletide Surprise
Michele was definately the most surprised by our Christmas visit 100%
The Un-game 13. The Un-game
Reading off the questions about humous observations between the sexes 100%

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